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Artist. College Student. Chick who really likes to wear new panties and never have to wash them.

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I guess it's just me being xenophobic, but I must delete all of the foreigners that have decided to follow me in the past 4 months 2284 days ago


I guess I'll try and use this twat thing more often =P 2284 days ago


@HerLackeyBoy Why no profile pic? You afraid you little shithead faggot? 2284 days ago



i'm changing things
Posted: Apr 29th 2011 at 4:59pm CDT
here is my new daily diaryIt's an LJ account, I use to have one when I was a wee one then forgot about it, the I remembered how awesome it is when it comes to keeping my privacy, which is what I really want right's exclusive but frequent buyers of mine will have free membership accessthose who are interested but not a frequent buyer, just click the link to find out how to become a memberNew email address: hapabikini@gmail.comNew Payment Announcements: frequent patrons of mine have the privilege of using paypal, new customers are relegated to concealed cash in the mail, payko- which is like paying with your paypal or credit/debit card except it's sending me a money order, or amazon e-giftcards and/or buying me gifts off of my amazon wishlist.


So ebanned is now making it to where you can't have me pages like mine
Posted: Apr 28th 2011 at 11:52pm CDT
This is because they don't want any external links to other websites like amazon wishlists and blogs. I'm not going to complain/bitch, I'm kind of ambivalent right now about the subject.I'll just have a coordinated signature that has links to my blog and wishlist, and encourage those who don't know where to spoil me, to just follow the links to my signature, or I'll just refer you to this blog post where you still can see my old mepage that I had up before.


now on twitter
Posted: Apr 13th 2011 at 2:10am CDT!/hapabikinischhhhhhhhwwwiiiiing.follow me!


official pricelist.
Posted: Jan 10th 2011 at 4:43am CST
this is an official pricelist- suggested by a newly made acquaintance from ebanned.I reserve the right to change/alter anything on this list and the prices.panties worn for 3 days: flat rate of 30 dollars, 10 dollars for every extra day worn. If you have any specific wishes about the materials/colors please let me know! It's good to hear from individuals directly about what exactly they have in mind so that way next time I go shopping it will be a breeze for me.piss panties: 40 dollars, if you want me to wear them first I will, but not after I piss.socks: worn for one week 20$, 5 dollars extra per day wornLeggings: I have one pair of black cotton/spandex leggings available, I am willing to wear them for a week w/out panties for 45 dollars.pantyhose: *disclaimer I really hate wearing pantyhose, it makes me uber bitchy. as if I weren't already a total bitch, but if you must have pantyhose i charge at a premium because I reserve my right to be comfortable.If you would like to have a pair of pantyhose worn for 3 days *that's the max I go, I do not want yeast infections* It will be 60 dollars, and even if you just want say a day or two worn, the price will still be 60 bucks.trash: for 20 dollars i will mail you a bag of bathroom trash: this does not include period stuffmenstrual pads/tampons: I do not post period auctions on ebanned at all anymore, if you want to have a direct sale with me for my next month of period stuff it will be 30 bucks- no this does not include a pair of panties. Panties will be an extra shoes are limited, but if you inquire I may have some available, price depends on how expensive the shoe was for me to buy. photos: I am having more collections of photos of me showing my face, but not nude, just wearing skimpy attire. I have a collection of over 100 photographs *more in the future* will sell at the flat rate of 35 bucks, no shipping required unless you want them on a CD. I love accepting any sort of tips/gifts as amazon e-gift cards or victoria's secret giftcards or just straight up cash! Everything helps and as a college student living off of government cheese every little bit helps <33here is a list of what i do not do:vids NOphonesex NOwebcam NOfinancial domination NO *give me gifts and treat me like a princess ^.^*bodily fluids/scat NO SERIOUSLY NO, AM TIRED OF GETTING EMAILS ABOUT THATif anything else comes to mind i will post it here. Any questions that you may have please look over this first before asking.this pink push up bra is not for salebecause i have sold it mrra!


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