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RT @thebuav: Our petition calling for an end to kitten experiments at Cardiff University is at 31,797 Sign here Link htt ... 1929 days ago


I'm done with moaning. Fuck off now 1929 days ago


The day that #malala ash-tag has been trolled my spambot, is the day I want to leave @twitter. Fucking sort it out 1929 days ago



Arrivederci Panty Land
Posted: Jul 22nd 2011 at 9:58am CDT
Dear Pervy Friends, slaves, stalkers and clowns, its with overwhelming sadness that I say goodbye to Panty Land, real life has finally caught up with my procrastinating ways and I can no longer put off what I need to get done (a year ago!). After 6 years of panty love, perviness, spanking, fun, scams and [...]


slave on catwalk
Posted: Jul 21st 2011 at 10:03am CDT
Never fails to amuse Me, but he does often fail. Video: Filed under: ❤ Serena daily Tagged: slave


Holiday, Sex and Used Panties
Posted: Jun 23rd 2011 at 10:52am CDT
The come has finally come, I’m buggering off for a couple of weeks. I know you will miss Me but I won’t be missing you, I will be far too busy stripping and having sex with random people. If you have sent Me gifts or donations on My Alertpayaccount, you may well receive a surprise [...]


Countdown – 1.5 days, and White Panties
Posted: Jun 22nd 2011 at 10:11am CDT
1.5 days to My holiday, and white used panties, because simple rules!   Filed under: ❤ Serena daily Tagged: Panties, used panties, white used panties


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