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I need to sell some more panties! 2393 days ago




@ebanned Congrats! 2496 days ago



Posted: Jul 9th 2011 at 8:27am CDT
Hey losers. I finally scanned my ID to get back on to and (you may ask for my ID) I think this will be good for me. I will be able to find me some more stupid ass slaves to humiliate whilst earning some extra cash.  I will be on YIM alot less I would imagine... why talk to you losers for free when I can get PAID!! !$!$!$!!  On ebanned I will be coming up to my 100 feedback!! Holy shit in October I will have been online GRACING you all with my items for one whole year!! Idk how much I've made yet but FUCK YEAH!!! :D hahaha best decision I have ever made.  I fucking hate those commercials with the sad animals all starving and shit! UGH I should have one of you slaves donate in the name of Goddess Rebekah. I also want someone to name a star after me....hehe so when ever you look up you know who owns your pathetic ass. <<RANDOM I know its 3:20 AM right now and I work in the morning at around 9:30.....I fucking hate work but I love the people I work with so ehhh it balances out.... But I tell you if I start making bank of these webcamming websites BYEBYE I QUIT haha.YES! Im sure i mentioned this but polasek bought me my bed set!! I am so excited to get that giant box at my front door!!! YES!!! And I can't wait for my vibrator hehehe the closest any of you pathetic excuses for me will ever get to pleasing me physically! I love love love getting gifts in the mail from my wish lists!! I shouldn't have to ask you though. You slaves need to keep up with my wish list and suprise me!! DAILY!!! I also signed up with nite flirt and my number is actually active.... Call and get ignored by yours truly...AND PAY FOR IT HAHAMy webcam accounts have not been approved yet. Once they have I will inform you all so you can start giving me more of your $$ Just so you can see my beautiful Goddess body laughing at you!!!! Well...its time for me to catch some ZzZz'z SEE YA sissys!!!!!!!


new auctions
Posted: Jul 8th 2011 at 6:12pm CDT
I got some new auctions posted up go and check them out and bid bid bid bid bid!!! My favorite one has to be the "love letter" hehehehe I feel sorry for the loser who wins that one!!!! Does anyone even read this anymore? READ AND COMMENT FUCKERS!!!! Polasek of course bought me my bed set!! FINALLY Ive been waiting for this for so long Im so fucking happy i cant wait to get it!! I also cant wait to get my vibrator hehe now get on my ebanned and bid on my shit. My socks and panties will be super smelly its summer time and summer makes some EXCELLENT SOCKS and panties ;) 


Just got my new Goddess BED!!
Posted: Jul 3rd 2011 at 5:40pm CDT
I just got my new giant goddess worthy bed today!!!! Now all I need is some sheets and bedding that FIT it!!!!! I want someone to order me the animal print bed set that is on my amazon wish list!! THATS THE NEXT THING I WANT!!  :D Then the curtains! Who will be the one to make me happy? I want the bed set, the curtains, and the lamp!!!! HOOK GODDESS REBEKAH UP WITH A SEXY BED ROOM!!! ;) I'll be sending sexy pics to those who buy me things off my wish list from now on ;) If they deserve it!Amazon wish list <<<< CLICK and make me happy :o) heheh Fourth of july is tomorrow I am very excited about the fire works should be a great time of partying always is!! I'm going to make some lunch... and then go drinking by the lake! Don't forget to serve and worship me by visiting my wish list!!Here;HAPPY FOURTH SLAVES!!!! :D-Goddess Rebekah


Posted: Jun 22nd 2011 at 7:11pm CDT
Today I will wake up clean my goddess room (which you should be doing) Then going to meet up with Goddess Hannah and we are going SHOPPING! :D we are meeting up with a slave who is giving us each 400$ to spend spend spend :D YESS!!! I love nothing more then shopping it really makes me happy! Still looking for a new slave to make up for david...I talked to hannah about it and showed her the email and we both think that it is a LIE that he got busted by his wife. I think that because I refuse to meet with him in real life he just went and found someone else DUMB enough to do that... WOW!  AWESOME. HA easily replaced. Although I did spend alot of my time chatting with him online and he did seem to really love my items he wanted too much from me and crossed the line... BUT if his wife DID actually bust him.... that sucks but I have this really...strong feeling that she didnt.   Anyways.. ASSI Did end up ordering me about 10 items from my amazon wishlist!! YAY! I better recieve them all!!! I love getting gifts in the mail :D :D


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