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I do this because I love it. Fetish is a lifestyle.

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Photo: Delicious waxy goodness. #710 #errl #bho #wax #dabs #girlsgoneweed #girlswhodab (Taken with... Link 1927 days ago


Photo: Summer #toes (Taken with Instagram) Link 2002 days ago


Photo: Perving other ladies #feet in the bathroom. You’re welcum #candidfeet #footfetish #feetstagram... Link 2037 days ago



New BJ Vid
Posted: Aug 3rd 2011 at 7:56am CDT
Today I decided to let you watch me give My man a sexy BJ. Yummy!Buy the full clip at Kinkbomb or Clips4Sale


Candid Candy
Posted: Aug 1st 2011 at 2:18am CDT
Here are some of the candid shots My Man took of Me this weekend. At the breakfast table...At my Besties houseI didn't know he was taking these, my right toe has a mind of its own.Bong in the background :)These sandals will soon be available for purchase. Email Me. Yummy!


BANNED from YouTube!
Posted: Jul 30th 2011 at 5:39am CDT
I hate Youtube! They keep randomly flagging and removing my foot teaser videos. It's so strange...How do they decide what goes and what stays? There are TONS of foot fetish vids on youtube!Oh well, screw them, now you can see it here :)


First Footjob!
Posted: Jul 29th 2011 at 12:22am CDT
My First Footjob!I gave my first on-camera footjob today :) It was VERY fun and my bf managed to cum all over my soles without wanking himself. Feet only! No hands! These pics aren't actually pics...We were too busy filming to stop and take stills but I wanted to tease you somehow so I went through the 10 minute video and grabbed some of my favorite shots.Buy The Full Video at my Clips4Sale or Email Me and save 15% on this and all other clips. 


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