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I'm a sweet Asian college girl looking for some fun! I'd love to wear my panties for you on my regular routine to school, to the library, at my friends houses studying and even to weekend parties!

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 Panty Review

Nyla is honestly the perfect combination of pussy juice and sweat, you can tell this girl is active and into fitness. Her purple cheeky panties were definitely wedged between her for a couple days, she did promise nothing but her best and delivered.

  • Still damp and very fresh
  • She redefines what Asian panties should taste like

    Spectacular panties, you might want to order a second pair as they are so good they won't last long!

    Rating: 9.7 / 10

    Reviewed on Jan 1st 2012 at 2:31PM

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    My panties as a New Year resolution? I think my panties are a treat you can't top, see what I mean here Link 1834 days ago


    I'm so excited to share in your holiday fun and let you enjoy my dirty worn panties during this special time of year! Link 1863 days ago


    Frisky little panty update, go see what I have in store for the holidays Link #usedpanties #dirtypanties #asian 1891 days ago



    My panties as a New Year resolution?
    Posted: Jan 13th 2013 at 5:44pm CST
    Things have been busier than ever, I am so happy to be relaxing and showing you my sexy body. The holidays have been great, I hope you've enjoyed yours! It's now time to think of some special way to treat yourself, you deserve it, don't you think? I think my panties are a treat you can't top, I've added a nice selection for you - thongs, cheekys, bikinis in all my favorite materials. Take a look and don't hesitate as they always go fast! All my love, hugs and kisses for a prosperous year.


    Favorite holiday panties from Nyla
    Posted: Dec 15th 2012 at 11:17am CST
    I'm so excited to share in your holiday fun and let you enjoy my dirty worn panties during this special time of year! I've put too many of my favorites up and you'll quickly see them disappear, I can promise you that - please act fast, I would hate to see you disappointed. It's going to be my pleasure to slip them on and have them rubbing hard against me all day and night while thinking of you. Go take a look now and have a great weekend!


    Frisky little panty update from Nyla
    Posted: Nov 17th 2012 at 6:40am CST
    I can already feel the holidays in the air, whether it's the shopping mall, over at my friends places, or even my school - everyone seems to be festive! Well I have to tell you, I'm a little frisky and can't stop thinking about what I want to do with myself when I'm all alone. Now wouldn't you love to own the panties that have been pressed up against me all day? I have shared some of my most sexy panties and you have to go take a look! Order now and you won't be disappointed, I will do my best to deliver before the holidays. Would love to hear from you!


    Panties, Intimates and Our First Bedroom Experience Video!
    Posted: Oct 20th 2012 at 9:26am CDT
    School is in full swing and does it ever take away the happy mood sometimes! Not to worry, I always find a way to cheer things up, you'll find a bunch of my cute girly panties in my latest update along with some intimate lingerie you don't want to miss! On another note, I want to share the first time me and him have been in front of the video camera -- our intimate bedroom experience is available and I want you to watch us go all out together! Free preview available too!! I also have lots of fun new things you can try: one of my pussy pops (a lollipop that's had fun inside me), a pair of my pee soaked panties, my spit, and my pussy floss (a very pleasant surprise!). See them all on the top of my panties page. Have an awesome weekend!


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