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 Miss Kessa
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24 Years Old, Vegan, Financial Domme who also enjoys humiliating losers for my own enjoyment. Read my journal daily for updates on my life!

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Miss_Kessa: Want to feel even more worthless (if thats even possible lol)? Call my NF ignore line! 1-800-863-5478 ext: 03786084 #niteflirt #domme 2002 days ago


Miss_Kessa: @BratMindy omg now i want ketchup chips! #alsoPMSing 2002 days ago


Miss_Kessa: @MKFOOTFREAK if not tonight, tomorrow AM or afternoon. If its tonight tho,it will be pretty late since i have to dogsit until atleast 12am 2002 days ago



Miss Kessa

Posted: Jun 8th 2012 at 5:50pm CDT
Hello.So blog updates have been sparse, but its not like you idiots deserve anything more.Almost all of you have been slacking on tributes lately, so FUCK YOU!Make that change, or see A LOT LESS OF ME!Anyways, first off, Ive shot a few NEW clips, so here's the info. NOW GO BUY THEM!Sexy Redhead Miss Kessa Smoking a Cigarette "This is my first smoking clip with red hair :) In it I blow smoke right into the camera, out of my nostrils and also allow it to roll around in my sexy mouth before slowly letting it free. This clip is SO sexy!"Buy it on KINKBOMB or CLIPS4SALE.Miss Kessa Photo Album Vlog RARE VIP "This clip is something ive never done before! In it I allow you to see photos from one of my personal photo albums and tell you stories about the photos that I again have NEVER talked about to anyone other than my friends and family :) This is an exclusive look into my past, and my fun filled life :)"Buy it on KINKBOMB or CLIPS4SALE.OMG WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Miss Kessa May 26 2012 Video Blog Update! "Im sure most of you have noticed I took a little hiatis from shooting clips, and Im also sure you are all wondering why. Well little bitches, Ive thrown you a just have to pay for it ;) Buy this clip and find out why I took a break from clips, what ive been up to and all of my fun plans for the summer!"Buy it on KINKBOMB or CLIPS4SALE.MORE NEW CLIPS TO COME!!Next update,Im participating in the BCSPCA "Paws for a Cause" Walk for the animals once again!This is the main fundraiser I participate in each year, and I always come in either first place, or like last year...third. blah! LOL! Anyways, I expect ALL of you to donate whatever you can and help not only Me, but MILLIONS of animals!!Click the adorable photo of Me and Hewy to get to my official page (or just click HERE!)NOTE: You can also donate via paypal or cash in the mail. Just email me for info ( Ive raised $100 so far in one night, I want this to keep up!!This is REALLY important to Me, so make it REALLY important to you!All types of animals are taken care of by the BCSPCA! Not just kitties and pups!ALSO, EVERYONE WHO DONATES WILL GET A KINKBOMB COUPON!The amount of the coupon depends on the amount you donate!!Okay, next thing.I guess Ill just update on what ive been up to the last few days.Mostly, Ive been listing auctions on ebay. Getting rid of old tribute items I just dont need anymore.Mostly heels. All are selling great, good thing I have such an awesome taste in shoes :)Ive also been buying some cute ebay items, not many, but a few.Its hard not to when everything is SO cute and SO cheap!Oh and SO free since it was paid for with tribute cash haha!Here are some of the cute things Im waiting for in the mail :)SUPER fucking adorable Hello Kitty iphone case :) I was SO stoked to find this!I still have an iphone 3g and really see no reason to upgrade since I really only use it for the apps and texting. Nobody actually really calls anymore lol. Well other than my mom, telemarketers and niteflirt calls.So, finding 3g iphone cases that are cute can be tricky. Especially this type.So yay! Cant wait to get it! :)I also bought this surface piercing barbell. Around a week ago I couldn't sleep and was itching to pierce something.So since I already have an inverse navel piercing, I decided to try out a surface piercing.So, I got all my piercing supplies ready (all sterile and brand new!), and decided to jazz up my horizontal scar I have on my lower right hand side of my stomach. Near my hip bone. Its from one of my surgeries.So I pierced it, horizontally, and it looks super awesome.BUT, I didnt have any surface jewelry, so it has a barbell type ring in it, one of those twisty ones.Its doing absolutely fine, but the jewelry is annoying since it kind of sticks out, and I dont want it to get caught on my jeans.So this bar


Miss Kessa
oh hai
Posted: May 23rd 2012 at 6:02am CDT
Holy fuck I have been ignoring this journal like crazy.Ive been around, not as much a normal, but still on messengers and twitter, taking cash from you bitches :)Speaking of money, if you are interested in donating to my fundraising efforts for the BCSPCA, send me an email to princesskessa@gmail.comThe yearly event has started again and of course im participating :)I want to break all my past fundraising efforts!!So lets do this!Also, Im planning on going to Vancouver in August to see my favourite band that are still together, Brand New! Im SO SO SO excited!!I ended up not being able to go to The Used next month due to my ride not being able to get off work :(Such a bummer. Still trying to sell my ticket.BUT I am going to Brand New NO MATTER WHAT!A sub asked to pay for my ticket, but he hasnt yet.Yahoo is on, so if you have the money, I just might give you some time.oh and the hotel, food, drinks etc need to be paid for as well.Other than that excitement, lately ive  been pretty busy.My friend got out of the hospital a month or so ago, so Ive been going to his place and hanging out a lot.We are both really into art and crafts, especially weird art, so we have been making fantastic things :)I made my mom some pretty epic Mothers Day gifts this year. A photo transfer of my brother, sister and myself.Oh course I made myself the biggest and in the middle like a god.Oh and added the halo as an added thing to make my mom, and myself laugh since im no angel haha. fun times haha.And I made her this vase that I wrapped in wool and hemp and added some gold paint here and there. Then added some feathers and braided ribbon and leather. Yah thats a head I glued on the front. It broke off some ornament and I found it in my random craft box haha.Ive been in a really artsy mood lately, painting or drawing all kinds of stuff.Ive started to paint/draw hot cartoon chicks i was into as a kid..hell, still am haha.LikeJessica Rabbit And Sailor Moon. I put them side by side so it looks like they are glaring at each other haha.Other than crafts and fun with friends, I have a ton of local concerts and parties im planning on attending this summer :)Should be so much fun!Summer time is the best time in my town for meeting new people. I make new friends every single summer. Its fantastic :)Im getting sick of typing and want to go back to watching funny youtube videos, so ill end this short post with a bunch of new photos.Say thanks with tributes!!!!     


Miss Kessa

Posted: Apr 7th 2012 at 10:41am CDT
Holy fuck, Today was HELL!I woke up at 6am to the WORST migraine ive ever had in my life, which says a lot since Ive been having terrible migraines for around 2 years now.The migraine only seemed to get worse as the day went on. I couldnt even move my head without shooting pains moving to other parts of my head. So until around 2 hours ago, around midnight, maybe 3 hours ago actually, I had to stay in bed, eyes closed and in and out of sleep.  I managed to get out of bed at around 11pm, turn on the lights and have an apple and some soup. It took a while for the lingering pain to fuck off, but thankfully it finally did.I still feel sick, but not nearly as horrid as before, which is SO nice!So all my plans for the day were totally put on the back burner. I had planned on uploading more new clips all day, but obviously that wasnt even in the back of my mind today. I couldnt think straight at all, let alone think about anything other than wishing my head would fall off so I could kick the shit out of it for pissing Me off haha.Onto other things, I did upload some clips yesterday. I tweeted about them and posted about them on my Facebook, but I didnt update my journal yet, so here you go!First off, speaking of clips. I LOVE getting sales like this in my inbox, so keep it up!! And now for the new clips!This first one isn't a clip I shot, but I decided to add it to my clips stores so that this loser would get even more humiliation out of the added exposure.  Plus Im always up for making cash from clips you idiots make Me :)Loser in Pantyhose and Heels being a slut for Miss Kessa   "I was bored the other night, so I gave an eager loser the task of creating a funny video for Me. I picked the song and gave some demands for what "it" was to do in said video, and this is what I got in return. It made Me laugh and it made Me cringe, but most importantly, it cured my boredom for the 3 or so minutes the video was playing.I WANT THIS CLIP TO GO VIRAL! SO FEEL FREE TO UPLOAD IT TO VIDEO SHARING SITES, NOT PIRATE SITES OR TORRENT SITES, ONLY STREAMING VIDEO SITES WHERE THE VIDEO CANNOT BE THEN DOWNLOADED! MAKE SURE TO ADD MY INFORMATION IN THE DESCRIPTION, LIKE MY FB URL,LJ ETC!!!"(AVAILABLE ON KB AND C4S!)(MOBILE SIZE) Painting my toes Purple and Rubbing lotion into my size 10 Feet "(NOTE: THIS CLIP IS MOBILE SIZED) First off, I just wanted to let you foot freaks know that this clip is crystal clear! I shot it with my flip cam in natural lighting, so you can clearly see every inch of my perfect toes and size 10 feet :)In this clip I am painting my freshly cleaned and filed toenails a very pretty purple shade that reminds Me of spring. I take my time with each toe, using my fingers to wipe away any extra polish. Once Im finished painting my toenails, I put some lotion on the tops of my feet and rub it into my feet, toes and even in between each toe, leaving my feet looking amazing!This clip has a lot of close ups and is every foot boys wet dream! So buy it up!!"(FULL SIZED CLIP COMING SOON!!)(AVAILABLE ON KB AND C4S)(MOBILE SIZE) Cleaning my DIRTY feet with a White Paper Towel and Buffing them "(Note: this is a mobile sized clip) In this clip I use a wet white paper towel to clean both of my large size 10 DIRTY feet. I clean the soles, in between each toe and the tops. By the time even one of my feet is clean, the paper towel is SUPER dirty and I make sure to point that out to the camera. I also tease you gross weirdos over the fact that I KNOW you are just D.Y.i.N.G to buy that nasty paper towel to make into some kind of Miss Kessa foot soup haha! After I wash and dry both my feet, I also use a foot buffer to do a little bit of buffing on my toe to remove some dry skin,"***This clip also includes a bonus sneak peak of my NEW clip where I paint my freshly cleaned toenails Purple!***(FULL SIZED CLIP COMING SOON!)(AVAILABLE ON KB AND C4S)Now go buy them all!More new H


Miss Kessa
Enjoy the lulz
Posted: Apr 4th 2012 at 10:33am CDT


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