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 Goddess Lolita
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Behind this innocent smile lies a manipulative tease who gets EVERYTHING she wants! Kneel down before Me and open them wallets WIDE, Losers! ;)

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Happy Valentine's Day!!! 1068 days ago


#HappyValentinesDay @Goddess_Lolita!  A VDay/#Findom Themed Mash-ta-piece!? Hope You Enjoy The Day and the Gifts! <3 1069 days ago


@Goddess_Lolita Happy greedy Valentine ! Link #findom #Valentine #mindfuck 1069 days ago



Goddess Lolita
Goodbye 2012!!!
Posted: Jan 1st 2013 at 1:34am CST
Well...2012 has come to an end.... twas a fabulous year! Here's a little treat for you boys, to end your year with a BANG!Happy New Year's Bitches!!!Goddess Lolita: 2012 Flashback: Goddess Lolita: 2012 Flashback from Goddess Lolita on Vimeo.Don't forget to head on over to My clips4sale studio and spend, spend, spend to show your appreciation.And if you are a true loser, this free video is also for sale. Show Me what a mindfucked zombie you are for Me and buy it: HERE!New slave video! I love this one. lolLoser john the mindfucked boybotLoser john the mindfucked boybot by GoddessLolitaProudest accomplishment of 2012...reaching theprestigious "Clips4sale top 50 studios" which I appeared in quite a few times throughout 2012,but My highest ranking was #17!!! : )(*cough* with only 159 clips... might I add!)Lets see...a few quick updates:I'm currently the #1 studio on Clipvia!I've updated the look of My Clips4sale and Kinkbomb studios!I have the #1 C4S studio in the "Dirty Talk" "Bra Fetish" categories and I'm also ranked in the top 5 studios in "Financial Domination" "Tit Worship" "Big Tits" "Vampire" "Lip Fetish" "Lollipop Lickers" "Cock Tease" ...and so on, you get the point, I'm doing awesome! : )My wishlist is well over 600 purchased (a huge gift/tributes blog will be coming soon) Keep spending...I want 1,000 purchased ASAP! *snap snap!* My WishlistA message to all My kinkbomb clip buying slaves/fans:If you don't start rating all of My clips 5 stars, then I will no longer be listing My clips on kinkbomb. If you can't find 2 seconds to show your appreciation and respect and rate My clips, then I will stop finding time to upload My clips to that site. Got it? Good!And while we're on the topic of slaves, I'd like to give credit to some of My good boys of 2012:~ 2012 Good boys ~UK money slave jay - By far spent the most money on clips this year. I'm proud to say that he has ALL of My "financial fuck over" clips...a lot of them he's even purchased several times! He doesn't bombard Me with millions of emails, like so many of you idiots do. He requires very little attention and spends the most. He knows he is a loser and he knows his only purpose is to be My financial fucktoy. Good boy jay. Keep $pending and $uffering for Me, like a good little bitch. : )Slave "r" - buys all of My clips as soon as I post them AND was the biggest spender for both My birthday and Christmas by purchasing Me an Xbox 360 & Wii U!!! And he is consistent with sending amazon gc's without My having to tell him to. Good boy r! : )Slave "g" - He has been pretty consistent in tributing Me cash every week . He also checks in weekly and is polite and respectful.Good boy g! Keep it up! : )Dirty long tube sock slave -  this slave has been weakened and brainwashed by the sight of My dirty tube socks for quite a long time now and has been suffering his hard earned cash for My greedy pleasure week after week after week, with no end in sight.(Get ready for more wallet fucking in 2013 bitch!)Slave jake - New slave that I have high hopes for, he does as he is told....completes his tasks and tributes when told. Such a good little mindless zombie for Me. : ) French self-sucker "johnny" - not really My slave...but he did send Me My favorite slave video of 2012. It was very entertaining, very unique and very impressive. I love knowing that a loser wouldgo to such desperate measures for a mere crumb of My attention! Mmmmm.....Such a good boy. : )Best slave video of 2012....priceless!!!*** 8,100 + views and counting ***Slave sucks his own dick for My amusement! by GoddessLolitaCash Cow Thorsten - Very good first half of 2012...not somuch as of lately, but worth a mention. Time to up your game, bitch. Let's see what you're really capable of! I want you toACHE for Me in every way possible. ; )Loser john aka sissy joannie - This bimbo definitely entertained Me this year. Only problem is -- the slut d


Goddess Lolita
Hot New Clips on Clips4sale
Posted: Dec 14th 2012 at 5:20am CST
Busting Out::: Buy it Here :::Juicy Red Lips::: Buy it Here :::Big Boobs JOI::: Buy it Here :::Happy Birthday to Me!!!::: Buy it Here :::Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 6::: Buy it Here :::Gummy Bear Vore::: Buy it Here :::Only 11 days until Christmas! Time to whip them wallets out again and $poil your Goddess!!! Don't disappoint Me boys.$$$ MY WISHLIST $$$


Goddess Lolita
Birthday Countdown 2012
Posted: Nov 25th 2012 at 12:15am CST
\It's that time of year again...time tocelebrate My Birthday! Time to reach deep into your wallets and empty them in My honor.I expect all of you to sacrifice for Me on this blessed day. To make things easier for you boys, I'm breaking down the things that I want in order from most wanted to ....***** 2012 Most Wanted Birthday Gifts *****1. These Tickets <---2. Birthday Cards filled withCa$h sent to My P.O. Box3. Amazon E-Gift Cards 4. Gifts from My Wishlist5. Tributes via Cips4Sale, Clipvia and Kinkbomb My $100 Tribute Button is the Number 22 clip in the Financial Domination category!Buy it! ---> Tribute Goddess Lolita $100Kiss it, loser.***** NEW CLIPS *****Financial Fuck Over Part 17::: Buy it HERE :::Weakened by the Vampire Queen's Breasts::: Buy it HERE :::Financial Zombification::: Buy it HERE :::What do you think about this, jay?I totally agree with him. Grape Bubbles::: Buy it HERE :::Horny for My Big Boobs::: Buy it HERE :::Twitter -Wishlist - Clips4sale - Kinkbomb - Clipvia - Tribute


Goddess Lolita
Queen of Halloween
Posted: Nov 1st 2012 at 12:26am CDT
Happy Halloween Bitches!!!This month I really got into the Halloween spirit and produced lots of mindfuckingly haunting videos. I will be embedded in your subconscious, lingering in every deep, dark corner of your mind and haunting your dreams long after Halloween is over...and you will love every minute of it.Check it out, I'm in the Clips4sale Top 50 studios again this month!I'm currently ranked #31 out of over 50,000 studios!And if you haven't already, check out My new french slut sucking his own cock. It is EPIC!Watch the video ---> HEREEnjoy My free teaser videos:HALLOWEEN MINDFUCKHALLOWEEN MINDFUCK by GoddessLolitaENTER WEAK ONE...Enter Weak One.... by GoddessLolita*****NEW CLIPS!*****Glamoured by the Vampire Queen::: Buy it Here :::Living Dead Girl::: Buy it Here :::Tight Dress Tit Tease::: Buy it Here :::Already hit #1 in it's categoryFinancial Fuck Over Part 16::: Buy it Here :::Purrfect Lips::: Buy it Here :::Candlelight Confessions::: Buy it Here :::Sweet Dreams::: Buy it Here :::Little Red Riding Hood::: Buy it Here :::


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