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 Miss Betty
  Height:5' 6"

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   Since November 2011


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I'm a nerdy Canadian girl, trying to make my way through film school!

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۞ا أشْهَدُ أن لا إلـہ إلاَّ اللـَّـہ .. و أشْهَـدُ أن مُـحَـمَّــدْ رَسُــولُ اللـَّـہ ا۞ا و ابعتها لكل اللي فاتح عندك امانة 1955 days ago


missbettyxo: RT @BristolSweets: So many men... So little time... I can't imagine settling for just one. I really don't know how you married cunts ... 2074 days ago


missbettyxo: Mmmmm viet food Link 2074 days ago



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