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 Diva Dior
  Height:5' 10"

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   Since April 2012


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I am a demanding domme....a SEXY, CRUEL humiliatrix! I love making pathetic losers like you obey & pay. Now, drop to your knees losers & worship a real DIVA!

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@B_BAD1 Link : Empress $unshine Studio 40042 Link via @clips4sale 2028 days ago


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Diva Dior
Summer Summer Summertime!!
Posted: Jun 23rd 2012 at 3:20am CDT
Hey losers!! Summertime is here, and Be Bad Entertainment and I have alot of hott new clips, actions, assignments, and sales going on! Summer is my favorite time of the year, I love sippin on margaritas & relaxing pool side, and going to the beach! Its so relaxing & we all know aint nothing wrong with wanting to maintain this beautiful "DIOR" skin of mine! What makes it even better is that I have my little slave boys to pamper me while I'm doing so. This is the life of a real diva, and I love every fucking minute! So, CHECK it out!! We definately have alot of hott sexy stuff going on, which pairs perfect with such a hott sexy season! *giggles* Check out my new assignments on NiteFlirt - Small Penis Panties & Summer Sissy Assignment, also I got new clips going up daily....WHATS YOUR FETISH? Want a custom made clip check out Niteflirt as well! Subscribe to Be Bad Entertainments Monthly Newsletter and stay updated on whats going on with BeBadEnt, and hott new fetish from some of the baddest dommes in the industry!! Be Bad also has summer clip sales going on! Check em out! NOW MAGGOTS!!!! EclipstoreSpend $20 get 15% Off entire purchase CODE: DIVA Expires 08/30/12  2 Uses  Kinkbomb Spend $20.00 get 15% OFF CODE: DIVA   Expires 8/30/12   2 Uses ClipVia  Spend $20.00 and get 15% OFF CODE: DIVA   Expires 8/30/12   2 Uses Demandingly, Diva Dior


Diva Dior
Posted: May 10th 2012 at 7:18pm CDT
Addicted little losers..umm I love it!! Check out my new Coach purse..ya like? Its a sholder bag from their Signature Coach Collection. One of my potential little sissy slaves surprised me with it. What do you think? This clearly was a attempt to get me to notice you in hopes that I would possibly give your pathetic ass even the smallest amount of my precious & expensive time...Hm..I must say NICE TRY LOSER!! Oh, dont get it twisted DIVA DIOR loves to be spoiled because Im a real diva and deserve nothing less.. But now let me tell you something.. this is a little future tip I have a closet full of Signature Coach Bags & Accessories so if any of you losers expect to gain any of my precious & expensive time Id go a little harder next time boo boo! Demandingly*             ~DD


Diva Dior
Be Bads New Babe Meet....
Posted: Apr 14th 2012 at 3:05am CDT
Hey losers I'm Diva Dior! The new Be Bad Babe!  Dior means golden like my sexy smooth golden brown skin and you worms will drop to your knees and worship my perfection. So stay tuned....... Demandingly, Diva Dior


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