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 Madam M
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I am a fetish lover

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Terribly naughty on webcam, desire to see me go inside myself?  1543 days ago


I support the Internet Radio Fairness Act. Join me in taking action for #FairNetRadio by clicking here: Link 1927 days ago


Changing my life! #eattolive #healthyliving #gettingfit Link 1933 days ago



Madam M
December Contest 2012
Posted: Dec 8th 2012 at 9:56pm CST
I have decided each month I will do a free contest. So many of you are offering to send in your pics to me so why not make it interesting and fun! This month begins the monthly contest. Since it is the holiday season it is time to deck the halls balls!DECEMBER 2012 CONTEST


Madam M
Posted: Nov 18th 2012 at 12:05am CST
Here are some questions I have received on fetlife and regular email on many occasions. Q: Why do you do what you do?A: I feel that everyone should find a safe outlet for their desires. If we don't, we explode. We stay tense, we form resentment towards others, we act out in negative and illegal manners. Also I find the human brain to be an amazing object. The things we find interesting, arousing, peaceful, always intrigued me.Q: Why don't you do this or that like the other Dommes?A: I used to do stereotypical FemDom and over time grew bored of it. Although I still love most forms of fetishism, I tend to lean towards more educational or therapeutic play.Q: How come you won't meet me?A: Because I don't know you. I don't allow just anyone to be a pet. All previous pets started out as clients. That was how our bond grew. We built a rapport. Now if you want to learn patience we can talk. If not, bye bye.Q: Are you into the taboo?A: In what sense? Do I find taboo scenarios arousing? Some. Not most. Do I engage in taboo play sessions? Yes. Again, I feel everyone needs a safe outlet. Just because you may have kinks or desires that society considers taboo, does not mean you are going to go out and commit an illegal act. I feel if people were able to express their interests without the world casting them out or labeling them, and if people had a safe and sane place to act out or discuss their fantasies, they would remain just that...fantasies. If you'd like to know just what kind of taboo topics I handle, call my lines. ;-)Q: Does your man let/know you do this?A: My partner, is just that. My partner. He is not my father, owner, caretaker, handler, etc. I do not need permission nor do I hide anything from him. He is my equal. We met on a poly match making site and our interests were discussed from the get go. Q: Your man's profile says he is dominant, does he dom you? Do you dom him?A:  Ugh. The word is dominate. Does he dominate you, do you dominate him. No. We have our kinky sex yes. But that is as far as it goes. I do not control him nor do I want to and vice-versa. We happen to be two dominant people who respect each other's dominance. We do not try to over throw the other so to speak. Q: Do you couples sessions?A: Not at the moment. Maybe down the line but our styles are different. I am much more into the mental aspect of domination, and he is more into the sexual. These are the most common questions. Anymore? Send them my way!


Madam M
Secret Blog
Posted: Nov 8th 2012 at 11:41pm CST
I will be creating a secret blog for those stalker type of slaves.You know the ones. The ones that really don't talk but donate all the time. Those that just like to watch.As long as your money is coming to me, you can watch till your heart is content!This private blog will be completely uncensored. You will be able to see into my private life. Hear about my sexcapades, following along with my getting fit journey, even have random spy cam access!Stay tuned. I will be launching sometime this weekend!!


Madam M
Been MIA
Posted: Jul 31st 2012 at 12:20am CDT
I have been a bit MIA. I've been dealing with my vanilla business and shipping out panty orders. I will be taking some fetish videos and photos soon so stay tuned. Patience dear grasshoppers.


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