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Stand back! I’m going to try science!
Posted: Nov 5th 2010 at 11:44am CDT
Wow, what a week it's been. This is the first bit of free time I've had all week and it's not even a full day off. So I started my final year project work this week, talk about full on, every night has been a late one. This afternoon I've still go to go check my plates to see what goodies have grown on them...but I also have all my panty stuff to catch up on, my website to update, a house to clean and a ballet to go to tonight! I am seriously looking forward to the weekend! Finally my husband and I have some well needed time alone, hopefully we'll get some of that time spent together as I have an exam to study for, more research to do for my project and another report to write! So if you have sent me a message or email in the last week and I've not responded straight away it's not because I don't like you and I will get back to you as soon as I can. On that note, I have LOVED the emails I’ve got this week off some people for requests for naughty photosets with my husband. Just so you know, yes I will do custom sets for people, just let me know what you want and I’ll get back to you! My husband is rather looking forward to some of the sets we’ve got planned ;) Somehow though I've still found the time this week to wear a pair of panties for Jonathan :) I hope he likes them, I had a lot of fun doing the pictures for him ;) Hopefully once the uni work other than my project is out of the way I'll have a little bit more time to spend here and on my website, I've been meaning to take more pictures for my website for a little while now but just not had the chance.Oh well! This was mostly a blog post to say I'm still here *wave*Have a nice day!Mischa xx 


Hard working student?
Posted: Oct 25th 2010 at 2:49pm CDT
Phew, so I'm finally giving myself a break today! I've spent the last week hardcore studying and house sorting, I may have got somewhat distracted during this mornings study session...I'm feeling pretty smug about the house, although I started way before the wedding, in preparation for people staying, I ended up doing all rooms except the dining room and just chucking everything in there that still needed to be sorted. Well last week I got stuck in and now have 6 boxes of stuff to sell, so far all I've put up on amazon is DVDs and games, but it's a start, sold 8 items already! £45 ftw! I am however having a hard time keeping up with all the normal housework, we have such a big house for two people yet we still manage to make a mess everywhere! I think I'll blame my husband mostly for that ;) It's still feeling weird to call him my husband, but good weird obviously. Getting married is a strange thing, the day it's self is just over and gone in a flash and then it feels like there should be some sort of aftermath, but there isn't really you just go back to normal life, albite a subtly different normal life. A lot of my friends keep asking me so how am I finding married life and my reply is always "about the same as before really". Now part of this answer is down to having lived with my husband for 4 years before marrying him, so nothing has changed in that sense. But another reason I answer like that is because the real answer is so difficult to articulate. Yes life has changed more than just my name now ending in something different, there's now something more between myself and my husband but it's so difficult to explain, we've talked about it, words like confidence, bonding and comfort come up, but still those words don't quite describe the feeling. I wish I could explain it, because it's a great feeling. I think it's perhaps a very complete happiness. Ok well, I didn't quite plan to waffle on about my feelings quite like that, but obviously I needed to get it off my chest! Normal service will now resume... I'm gutted I've missed out on the video competition on MUPS! I watched them, they are pretty fab! Since coming back I've had very little time to catch up properly with whats happening in the panty world, just a quick sneak here and there, the videos are great though, good luck to all who entered! :) Hopefully now uni has settled down a bit, my house is (generally) sorted and I'm falling back into a routine, I can spend more time indulging in the naughtier things in life ;) I've got a couple of sales going through, just waiting for mother nature to bugger off and leave me alone for a while so I can have some fun and fulfil my orders :)  And as a parting gift to you all, have a picture of my favourite panties that I will never part with. They are comfortable, cute and well just plain awesome! Rawr :) Mischa x 


I’m Back!
Posted: Oct 4th 2010 at 12:55pm CDT
Yes, finally I have returned from my honeymoon. I can officially say my wedding day was the best day of my life. And to share my joy with you, here are some pictures of my wedding night underwear that my lucky husband got to enjoy. Beautiful pure silk panties which really just felt amazing against me and with a matching bra. They were very expensive but well worth it, my husband couldn’t believe his eyes when I joined him in bed. I wont be selling them as they are obviously very special to me, but I may think about doing a full photo shoot in them.Anyway, now the aftermath of the wedding has died down I am free and available to get back into wearing panties again, at the moment I have a couple of orders received whilst I was away to wear, so there may be a little waiting time to orders, email me to find out. I’m so looking forward to wearing panties for another person again, it gives me a secret little smile for the whole day that really gets me going. I love to hear how you enjoy my panties once you’ve received them it makes it all the more sexy to know the sort of thing that will be done with them once I’ve sent them off. My husband bought himself a new SLR camera the other day, he’s very eager to try it out and is looking for a willing subject. I believe this is where wifely duty comes into play ;) So I’m hoping out the next few weeks we could possibly start building up some photo sets for the website, I think they would make a nice addition. Over the next 2 weeks or so I’m also going to try to complete the other sections of my website, so hopefully should have a selection of my epic sock collection appearing :) Stay tuned! Mischa xWedding underwear pictures as promised, click for larger view :)


Definitely away for a month!
Posted: Aug 24th 2010 at 10:42pm CDT
So I seriously underestimated just how busy I would be in these weeks leading up to the wedding, I'm now putting all orders on hold as I just don't have the time or the state of mind to cope with anything other than the wedding. It's shocking how much time all the little last minute details are taking, but it is exciting and fun, I just don't have the time to enjoy my panties :( I will post up when I am back and ready to have some fun with my panties again. Hope everyone is well and happy, it's back to the table plan for me though! Mischa x


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