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 Princess Ayana
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I just love the thought of sharing my panties with you!

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Princess Ayana
Why My Panties?
Posted: Dec 15th 2010 at 8:27pm CST
Princess Ayana's PantiesI love, love panties! In fact, I have 3 big drawers full of panties.I just thought of sharing them with you, panty lovers and perves and losers.I love every kind of panties from cotton to satins. But My favoritesare cotton, because it sucks much of My honey juices and holds thesmell longer. I love thongs to coz they embrace tighly My every curves and catchesevery juices.$$$$Extra Ways I wear themPanties are regularly wear 24 hoursexcept for extra ways USD $30.00 includes shipping(Prices applies in USA only)Change of shipping fee may vary depending on your country.Masturbated PantiesThese panties are worn and contain allmy sweet juices as I play and enjoy. (no men juices involve)Peed PantiesThese panties are gonna be peed, you'll recievethem moist.Period Stained PantiesThese are the panties I wearduring My period timePanties worn 48 hoursThis will cost a little more than regularly worn panties.USD $40 includes shipping.(Prices applies in USA only)Change of shipping fee may vary depending on your country.$$$$All panties will be sealed and packed nicelyin a Zip Lock bags, and will be shippeddiscreetly.$$$$$Accepted Payments:Concealed CashAmazon Gift CardsAlert PayVictoria's Secret Gift CardMoney Orders


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