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I have events in western MA, CT, RI, ME, NH and NY next month! holy shit! haven't done a tour like this in a few years, excited! 1071 days ago


ok: slaves all have their emails and instructions, now I can get on with My day and get some shit done!!! laundry, manicure groceries wooo 1071 days ago


scheduling sessions, performances, workshops and feature dancing gigs for march! got ALOT of stuff going on in My bday month! 1071 days ago



Bella Vendetta
little earthquakes: doesn't take much to rip us to pieces
Posted: Aug 12th 2016 at 9:22pm CDT
Instead of commenting about how it's been a while since I last wrote a blog, I'm just going to go ahead and assume; based on the way this year is going, that there will be some time in between each blog.2016 has been ROUGH hasn't it?I've been through so much already this year, I am really hoping to at least end it on a good note and be able to move into My dream house sometime soonish....I have done a very good job of enjoying the summer in the berkshires I have to say. Lots of time spent at lakes, on the mountain, in the woods, at waterfalls, and in the garden. I haven't gotten to really enoy My garden as much as I want to this year because My awful neighbors have been like, smoking cigarettes nonstop on the front porch which then gets blown directly into My house, and doing things like leaving nasty butts all over the front, and leaving a kiddie pool with sludge and slime and mosquitos and a fucking dead squirrel in it for weeks at a time...and they also ripped up all the hastas and morning glories I planted in the front. On purpose. Because they were sick of Me gardening, yah I need to move. I've needed to for a while and this place was only ever meant as a transition. Leaving My husband and My home and belongings and hometown was difficult. I needed to catch My breathe somewhere neutral, and that was 4 years ago. I've caught My breathe, somehow.....and I've been here about 2 years longer than I wanted to....So: the house hunt is on. I need somewhere I can spread My wings and let My dogs out without fear of unregistered family of pitbulls attacking them. I want to be able to throw My lunge whips outside and sun bathe nude and plant pumpkins without them getting mowed over. I don't want to have to manuever around multiple cars just to leave My own house. I NEED My own space. I deserve My own space and I work goddamn hard enough to afford My own space.The hunt is on for real. Or at least beginning stages of planning and I've been looking at a lot of places, hoping to find just the right one. I have a pretty specific list in mind of what I want. But I've been here this long and I'll just keep looking til the right one comes.I HAVE been being super productive this summer tho. I along, with My editor in LA began and finished work on “The Training of Poe” the BDSM erotic documentary I shot last year with Chelsea Poe.Well, we finished the editing part. I know that in the porn industry a lot of times things get shot and then cut and then printed within a month, but I had no time or desire to do that. I really wanted to take My time and do things My own way. Of course, making a movie all by yourself is really fucking hard! Making and producing and releasing an ADULT movie is even harder.If you check out the blog for the movie:www.TrainingofPoe.tumblr.comyou'll find all sorts of info, photos, links, and trailers!You can check out the official trailer here: the SFW trailer on My youtube channel. I've also been releasing some cool interviews with Chelsea, behind the scenes while we were shooting and plan to release some of the slave diaries from the film as well: week I am staying home to work on the zine so that it's finished at the same time as I have copies of the movie in My hands. I'm not giving an exact date because I have twice and already surpassed it. All I can really say is: I'm doin the best I can! Self producin aint easy! We've had a lot of setbacks due to health, time constraints and My most recent headache: a mac to pc compatibility issue. So, it's being worked on, it's just a little slow. ASAP is the release date. I have to get it off to be authored, then get that back then send that off to have copies made then wait for the copies to get to Me.I will of course keep everyone updated on My twitter: where I post about how ove


Bella Vendetta
Paradise has it's price
Posted: May 5th 2016 at 11:05am CDT
Well, the last few blog posts have been rather grim I know. I can't help it, I don't get to dictate the way life unfolds. It's weird and strange and sad and beautiful.As some of you in the know in the fetish world may have heard, Our circle got even smaller recently with the death of the greatCharles GatewoodHe and his work had a lot to do with baby Bella Domme and the fetishist and artist I was inspired to become. So, that hurts, but I feel happy to have had the opportunity to be affected by him.Immedietly after his death actually, I was scheduled to go on a northeast adventure with fetish model Morgan Fey. The kind of adventure that would have made Charles Gatewood proud. You've all seen Morgan in My blog for literally YEARS and she's always posing at My parties for photogs and doing burlesque performances etc, but of all the years we've known each other we'd never gotten the chance to do a real shoot together. So naturally I brought this sweet lil dancing queen to HELL. Quite literallyWe took a nice long road trip and headed to Brutal Master's dungeon to shoot some really hardcore BDSM.BrutalMaster is also someone you know about from My blog, and devotees of My website will remember as well. He is a sadist, more so than Me! It's a beautiful thing to behold. Among other things, he is also an excellent photographer/pornographer and chef. We spent the weekend eating. I mean EATING wonderful food!Meatballs, red sauce, rice balls, pasta, bread, fresh tomato and mozzarella, Corned beef and cabbage homemade soda bread, excellent bagel and lox and capers. Off the hook. It was like coming home to My people. Family. It was nice. And also being with in general and especially cooking with other italians is really good for My soul and I needed that.Morgan didn't have much experience with BDSM and as such the shoot was a lot more tame than.....than...than what BrutalMaster and I would normally inflict on someone together...ha!But, her scream is really high pitch and lovely and she is really pretty when she cries. I just love making girls cry. In the best way possible of course.Morgan found it cathartic and much fun was had by all.Here are some of the beautiful photos for our first scene which is live NOW on www.BrutalMaster.comYou can also find the scene for sale in My Clips4sale store here: visit MY whole entire clips store, which I'll be back to updating weekly because I have been shooting SO MUCH good you are smart enough to follow Me on snapchat then you would have already seen the behind the scenes and as it happens of this shoot. It was quite fun. My snapchat has been LIVE too!I am giving access to folks who support Me in some way:That means:buying clips from My storebuying photosets or phone calls on items off My wishlist! tis the season where I would LOVE some stuff off My Garden wishlist: I'm going to be dancing ALOT this season/summer. I'm gonna go back to doing some regular shifts so I can get My lovely regulars back and you'll know when to expect Me and I can spend more time with My springfield MA peoples. That being said. I DESTROY shoes and clothes on stage and would really love some new ones off My dance wishlist!http://www.amazo


Bella Vendetta
a new sadness every other week, with some happiness thrown in
Posted: Apr 18th 2016 at 9:15pm CDT
SoIt's 2016, it's been a minute since I blogged.I've still kinda been reeling from a bad breakupJanuary is the anniversary of My mother's deathJanuary is the anniversary of Jim Squires, My tattoo artist and beloved pretty much family member, first year.January I got realllly really sick with the flu and was out of work for two whole weeks.January sucked I wanted it to be over before it beganFebruary was supposed to be better.February is My mothers birthday.February My friend Rebekah died of an overdose.She was someone I've known for a decade. She was someone I loved.She was someone I texted at 2 am, someone who would drive over an hour away just to give Me a ride. Someone who would call out of work and never miss one of My parties ever.Someone I stayed up til 4 am with listening to Michael Jackson and smoking bowls.Someone who trusted Me enough to pierce her knees and suspend her. Someone who trusted Me with her very life. Someone who had Me help her propose to her girlfriend.A member of My body modification and queer communities. Someone who never judged Me.Someone who loved animals.Someone who hid her drug use from Me.Someone who was juuuust making plans to come and visit Me with Sacha Thumper just a few days before her death.It was like it wasn't even real.I found out via facebookwhich I hate.Someone posted to her page“I love you!”and someone else commented: me tooand I commented “Me three”I didn't know she was deadI thought it was just a spontaneous show of love for someone who soooo many people cared for.It made Me incredibly sad.I feel sad now just thinking about it.....My circle is getting smaller and smaller.....I was really sad. We all were. I had some friends come to the club so we could hug each other and do a shot in her honor.I planned on seeing all My friends and squeezing them tight at the funeral services.A few days before I was sick again, and kept getting sicker and sicker. Eventually became aware that I had contracted the coxsackie virus.Like, who the fuck does that happen to?5 year olds.People around a lot of kids.Not Me.Well, yah....Me. So I was out of commission, quarantine status covered in a rash contagious with blisters on My feet and hands. My beautiful feet and hands.I basically sat home and cried.And cleaned.I someone suffered three major latex reactions (I am super allergic) all in a short time span with gave Me hives.Not feeling very sexy, but damn was I so determined to get back to work.A few weeks into feb another member of the suspension communityTrisha Nelson, tragically lost her life. She was murderedShe was a victim of domestic violenceshe was gunned down in cold blood in the middle of a busy intersectionHer family mournsMy hook family mourns.The circle gets smaller.....please read more about Trisha and how you can help her family here: hit Me hard. All of it. Being sad, depressed, with a poor immune system, plus the stress of being so broke due to not working two major illnesses and a major latex reaction all in 2 months...didn't make for quick healing. It was really slow going and I was so tired all the time and had a hard time coming back.I was so sure march was gonna be better.It had to be.It's not fair to have that much sadness in your life all in a row.March 5th was My bday and as you know, I generally plan some big huge grand parties and events and bring in feature acts and performers.Well sorry, too much sickness and sadness.Besides, it seemed wrong planning a party without Rebekah...she WAS the party, and who else was gonna stay up all night laughing with Me, ya know. Who was gonna make weird faces for the camera? So at the last minute, like with a weeks notice I decided to just have a regular party. Well, regular for Me. No flyers no feature acts, just invited My friends and hoped for a good time.Well.A good time was had by all.So many awesome people came out to help Me celebrate!Of cours


Bella Vendetta
chokin on big bloody mouthfuls of it.
Posted: Jan 28th 2016 at 12:27pm CST
I did that thing again where I went silent for a long time. Alot of stuff happened and I didn't know how to talk about it, and I didn't want to gloss it over and I also didn't wanna write a fake happy things are awesome type of blog.So friends and lovers, just know that I've been busy, and goin thru some shit. I think I've been goin thru shit since I got back from Cali and dealing with family shit. Haven't had much of a break in the way of bad news and intense stressful situations to deal with for months now and it took it's toll.Sometimes I just need to hide out in the country and NOT write for a while so I can sort through it all.I went through a really, really bad dramatic awful drawn out and heinous breakup with someone I was very much in love with. It hit Me super hard because it's the first relationship I've been in since My divorce. I was single for many many years. After an abusive and traumatic marriage it took a lot for Me to trust again. I actually didn't think I ever would get close to someone again. So it hurts a lot, having taken the chance and had it thrown back in My face.Merry Christmas, right?(I don't even wanna talk about christmas because it was hands down the worst and most depressing christmas of My entire life.)But you know, it's nice to know My heart isn't completely black and dead and that I am indeed capable of love, and as I'm starting to figure out, I'm even capable of forgiveness. It's sort of been empowering, but damn what a nightmare to get here.I happen to have a lot of experience with fucked up people who are really close to Me doing fucked up things. And realizing that all sorts of people are capable of awful shit. But that doesn't always mean you have to hold hatred in your heart for them. They are human people, who fucked up. And it's ok to have complicated emotions about that.So, in the midst of all the bullshit I also got realllly super sick with the dreaded flu. No wonder, the stress and not taking care of Myself I got sick. Like really sick, like out of work for three weeks sick. Both of these situations were brutal reminders of how difficult it can be to deal with mundane things as a sex worker. Like breakups and being sick becomes harder.Like, dating as a sex worker isn't like dating  a civilian.  Its different in so many ways.. It becomes even harder to find someone you have an actual connection with and who doesn't just think that fucking a pornstar is a cool thing to brag about later. I think this is something all sex workers can relate to: But sometimes guys THINK it's really cool that you're a sex worker and so open and honest and then it becomes the exact thing they hate about you. Jealousy, mistrust, and the need to sling the occasional insult about how you're a sex worker. It hurts a lot when you think you've found someone who gets it, who sees your work as legitimate, and then they get drunk and tell you you're just a talentless whore.....use the fact that you do sex work against you in know?If you're a sex worker and you are with someone you can't discuss your sex work with, I don't think it's a relationship that can work. No matter what the connection and passion that may be there, on a core level you cannot see eye to eye.And being a sex worker and being sick...means no work, means no money. My success depends on My body, so when it fails Me it affects everything. There's no paid sick leave and I have no health insurance. I also had no one to take care of Me so lots of time was spent on the couch crying, watching Nashville and ordering wonton soup. Thankfully I had Doctor Bean and Nurse Rosa (My chihuahuas) on caretaker duty.ALSO: During this time My good friend and mentor Brutal Master of came into town and we had so many awesome outings and dinners and shoots planned. And


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